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Four thousand five hundred feet to the top. The ascent is not effortless. A steep climb, led by tight switchbacks hardly groomed at the base – even less at elevation. It’s a climb not made for the faint of heart; offering the unknown and the unsteady. This mountain doesn’t just give, it encourages. It urges the explorer to be the better of themselves. To be willful. To be persistent. To be proud… of who they are, what they’ve accomplished, or rather, what they’ve overcome. At the peak, the beauty expands the vast horizon. Breath is stolen upon sight. No, the ascent wasn’t effortless, but it was worth it. AMABILIS – like the mountain after which it was so aptly named – is something grand presented subtly, quietly. It looms, beckoning without the use of words… because it doesn’t have to. There won’t be any convincing. Pieces are put together with the Renaissance Man in mind; the person who goes to work, hits the gym, climbs the mountain, paints the town and creates their own lasting experiences just because they can. This company challenges its supporters and friends not to take the ‘easy route’ but to take ALL routes.

The intention is to create products with purpose and forethought; to keep its roots grounded in the Pacific Northwest and ensure quality control and care with every piece; and consider the aesthetics meticulously so that the results are not just handsome, but memorable. Not to make them merely “good,” but make them “great!” AMABILIS’s mission is just that: to endure and remain ever present throughout the escapades and the memories that you – friend and supporter – create. We at AMABILIS wish to be a catalyst which guides from a daily routine to an epic adventure. To support the former and encourage the latter. To be with you while you survive the trials and tribulations of life. Most of all, we want to be a reminder that ‘success’ is relative. And ‘failure’ is merely the next bridge to cross, hill to climb, or mountain to summit. AMABILIS wants to champion you through your many triumphs because, like us, you thrive on performance.