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Michael Law and his custom smoke shack’s fragrant fumes add a whole new scent to the Frelard ‘hood at Bourbon & Bones. Law is a Southerner from North Carolina, with a Dominican mother, who inspired his love of cooking and was a practitioner of a hybrid of Southern and Dominican food. Staying true to his roots, Law has a knack for seasoning, precision with a fryer, and exacting details; let the fried chicken be your gateway drug with a dash of Law’s proprietary ‘Ring of Fire’ hot sauce.

Law had a 10-foot-long, 10-foot-high walk-in smokehouse custom-built for Bourbon & Bones—a throwback to the South. Smoking his own meat is something to be reckoned with, everything gets used in Law’s process; the end pieces of the brisket are chopped and added to the baked beans and the collard greens. Bourbon & Bones meat is locally sourced, naturally raised and hormone, anti-biotic and steroid free.

You will find just about every kind of bourbon on the shelf. Offering over 90 different spirits, moonshine on tap, signature cocktails and tasting flights prove Law is far more than just another dude doing barbecue.