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Forged on the anvil of the world-wide-web, the amorphous Stoke Harvester was created with the mission of finding and cultivating the board-a-culture communities of surf, skate, music and art. It was with this swatch that a vast pasture was created for beatniks, space cadets, and sand hippies. In February of 2011, Stoke Harvester besieged the brick-and-mortar alternatives perpetually plagued by bro-belligerent sales folk and physical limitations.

Harvesting one’s stoke is no simple feat. It doesn’t take high-brow snark or low-brow sophomoric ingredients. Instead it opts for one simple, magnificent, and uni-browed version of a neighborhood surf shop. They don’t don’t sell couches [yet] but they do offer a wide variety of surf, SUP, skate, wetsuits, sweet hoodies, surf flicks, and more…

So whether you’re here to reap some stoke, join us for tarp surfing, or merely lament with some ne’er-do-wells, the innovations herein are ripe for the pickin’. From Stoke Harvester’s couch to yours~

Indulge yourself, leave stoked.