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The malia jones lifestyle is one of distant travel, timeless beauty and cool independence all embraced by sea and sky.

The brands inspiration was born from the life of its designer. Raised as a surfer in the Hawaiian Islands she lived everyday in a bikini with the sand between her toes. Then fashion crossed her path and changed the course of her life.

Modeling swim internationally and surfing professionally for many years Malias understanding of critical swimwear cut and fit was refined at an early age. She was soon living in Paris as a model, surrounded by art and design, and would spend her weekends in the seaside town of Biarritz to reacquaint with the ocean she knew so well. Paris transformed her sense of style and her wardrobe, eventually full of classic pieces with a mix of unique finds from vintage shops and bazaars. It was here, in Paris where her true sensibilities as a designer would mature, refine and eventually become what is now the Malia Jones brand.

From her love of fashion, swimsuits, travel and beach lifestyle her debut collection features high-end swimwear basics and modern resort wear that embraces the idea of relaxed luxury and classic simplicity.